Paul Rudd’s long-running ‘Mac and Me’ prank on Conan = never not funny

Paul Rudd has a surprising hobby: trolling Conan O’Brien. Along with being one of our favorite leading men, an all-around great guy, and forever eternally young, Rudd has been playing a long-running joke on the late night host.

Every time Rudd has stopped by Late Night/Tonight Show/Conan, he’s brought along a clip of whatever movie he’s promoting, of course. Except that it’s never actually been the movie he’s promoting. When Conan throws to the clip, a scene from 1988’s “terrible ET rip-off” Mac and Me plays instead, and this happens. every. single. time. Rudd thinks this is hilarious. Conan, not so much. Well, guess what happened again last night?

Rudd, promoting Ant-Man (in theaters TODAY!!), promises Conan that this time things will be different. This time he’s in a big-budget Marvel movie, and he can’t mess around with a Marvel movie. Conan throws to the clip, and surprisingly enough, it really is Ant-Man. It’s a scene with Michael Douglas, Evangeline Lilly, and Rudd!

Well… it’s Ant-Man for about a minute, and then it returns back to the same scene in Mac and Me that Rudd has been fooling around with for more than a decade (and if you need to watch a super cut of all those times, here it is).

You’d think after like, fifteen years, this wouldn’t be funny anymore. But it actually gets funnier each and every time it happens.

Check out the whole clip below, and please let this long-running Rudd joke continue on forever.

Image via YouTube.