Watch Paul Rudd get adorably frustrated answering fan questions about “I Love You, Man”

Hey, have you heard? Paul Rudd has a brand new movie coming out. He’s currently filming Marvel’s Ant-Man and the Wasp, and he’s super excited to talk about it. Have you seen his dope new Ant-Man suit? It looks great, and Rudd is absolutely thrilled he gets to show it off in a segment for HBO’s Night of Too Many Starswhich will, in Rudd’s own words, benefit, “our friends with Autism get the schools and services they need.”

Plus, it’s not every day that Marvel lets Rudd show off his new Scott Lang threads, because #spoilers. He’s super psyched to talk about everything and anything Ant-Man. So cool.

On top of all of that, to celebrate this momentous Ant-Man occasion, Marvel is letting Rudd not only show off the suit, but also answer some fan questions on the set. Awesome. The only thing is that no one has any questions about Ant-Man, because everyone’s too busy obsessing over Rudd’s iconic line in I Love You, Man, where he says, “slappin da bass.

It looks like Paul Rudd is learning the hard way that people clearly have a favorite Paul Rudd movie, and it might not be Ant-Man.

While Rudd assumes he has a stack of questions about Ant-Man, he really has a stack of questions just about I Love You, Man, and specifically, his quote from I Love You, Man. He keeps his cool up until the third card, and that’s when he loses it in the most adorable Paul Rudd way.


But let’s be real, it’s not like Avenger Scott Lang has his own cool catchphrase like “slappin da bass.” That’s something for Marvel to think about when it comes time to make Ant-Man 3, which they should right off the bat be titled, Ant-Man 3: Slappin Da Bass. (Just a working title, but you can totally use it Marvel, you’re welcome).