Paul Rudd is too much ’90s grunge in the “Wet Hot American Summer: Ten Years Later” trailer, and this is a lot to process

Since Netflix is the gift that keeps on giving, we’re going back to the past but really the future with the crew from Wet Hot American Summer. Two years ago, we were blessed with Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp, which reunited all our campers in the past…even though they had aged like 20 years and yes, this is hilarious no matter what way you slice it.

And now, everyone’s back, but we’re ten years later from the last time we saw them…even though everyone is still playing a much younger version of themselves, even though they’re two years older. This joke never gets old!

The year is 1991 and it’s time for the prophesied “10 Years Later” reunion that we see briefly at the end of the movie. Make it your beeswax to be there — or else.

While the Camp Firewood crew is all leaning hard into their ’90s looks, we have to talk about how Andy, played by the never-aging Paul Rudd, might be leaning into it a little too much. Andy, who was always the heartthrob of Firewood with his tight jeans and aviators, his motorcycle, and his epic eye rolls, now has long hair and a goatee and wears all black and this is a lot to process.


Andy, what happened in the 10 years since we last saw you?


Andy, who hurt you?


TBH, we’ll take Paul Rudd no matter what era he’s channeling, but we’ve just never see him this far into the ’90s — like, Clueless was College-era Paul Rudd lite. Here, Andy might have just come from a Nirvana concert.

We’ll find out exactly what led him to the leather when Wet Hot American Summer: Ten Years Later drops on Netflix August 4th.