Paul Rudd just revealed his favorite Clueless scene, and it’s a deep cut

No matter how many movies he stars in, we will always remember Paul Rudd as the charming, swoon-worthy ex-stepbrother in Clueless. (He pretty much HAD to be perfect — I mean, you see how picky Cher is about shoes, and those only go on her feet.)

So naturally, we were totally buggin’ when Rudd revealed his favorite scene from the ’90s romantic comedy — especially because it’s a completely unexpected choice.

We would have guessed Rudd to have a soft spot for his sweet kissing scene with Cher (Alicia Silverstone), or perhaps one of the many witty one-liners from his big screen debut. However, as it turns out, Rudd’s favorite scene is one that almost flies under the radar: the dinner scene with Cher, Josh, and her dad in which a phone rings and all three of them check their flip phones in tandem.

"I remember thinking that was the most cutting-edge joke I had ever seen, Rudd told Vanity Fair. “You look at it now and you laugh, but we didn’t have the Internet or social media when we made Clueless. That scene had never really been done at the time. I hope they keep it for nostalgic feeling.

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Rudd also revealed that he’s way excited for the Clueless stage adaptation: “The movie has held up so well. It’s something that I would have never predicted,” he continued. “It’s the movie that I get asked about the most. I think the stage show will only make it grow bigger.”

We seriously can’t wait.

Watch Paul’s favorite scene and reminisce in ’90s technology below:

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