Paul Rudd yells at a fan in absolutely the most adorable way and we love him so much

In life, we accept the Paul Rudd we deserve, and honestly, we deserve the best Paul Rudd out there. Thankfully, that’s actually the Paul Rudd we’ve been dealt, and the Paul Rudd we have in 2016 is by far the best Paul Rudd we’re ever going to have on this here planet Earth. Life is great. So is Paul Rudd.

The Rudd in question finally gets to team up with the other Avengers in Captain America: Civil War. Rudd returns to his role as Scott Lang, aka Ant-Man, and he’s recruited by Team Cap to help them…well, fight Team Iron Man. The movie premiered earlier this week in Los Angeles, California and Rudd was on hand to walk the red carpet, smile for the camera, and meet some lucky fans camped outside the theater. One lucky fan was actually the MOST LUCKY, when she actually got Rudd’s attention by yelling over and over again, “PAUL! PAUL! PAUL! PAUL!”

You can hear this fan screaming well before we actually see her. Rudd hears her scream well before he actually sees her. And since he’s the best Paul Rudd ever, he responds to the fan by screaming back, “WHAT? WHAT? WHAT? WHAT?” The fan — who from the video looks like she’s maaaybe a tween — cannot contain herself and falls into a fit of giggles.Uh yeah, us too, because this is hands down the cutest Paul Rudd moment we’ve ever seen (this week). This is most certainly Paul Rudd we deserve.