All the times Paul Rudd was just the best

Eternally youthful and all around great guy, Paul Rudd, has once again proven that he’s the best. Here’s the latest: he’s a huge Kansas City Royals fan so he was at last night’s game when the Royals won (he went to the University of Kansas). After the game, Rudd made it onto the field to take pictures with players, and celebrate since his team is going to the World Series. He happened to be stopped by a reporter, who asked where he was celebrating the victory, to which Rudd replied, “Party at my mom’s house! She’s out of town! It’s gonna be sweet! $5 cover.”

I quickly googled how expensive it would be for me to get on a plane and fly to Kansas, but sadly I couldn’t find any direct flights. Hopefully this is only first of many Rudd invites, because that man is pure joy. It’s not the first time that Rudd has proven he’s a wonderful, hilarious human being, and you know, downright dreamy. Here are just a handful of the other times you might have fallen in love with Rudd.

When he developed a beautiful friendship with Jason Segel

Personally, I loved I Love You, Man, in part, because it was the birth of a beautiful friendship between Rudd and Jason Segel. Their two characters in the movie bond over their love of Rush. Then, IRL, Rudd and Segel filmed a hilarious little video about them actually meeting Rush. Keep slapping da base.

Everytime he’s been on Conan

Not all of us have inside jokes with Conan O’Brien, but Rudd does. Anytime he’s on the show to promote a new movie of his, and they cut to the clip that he’s brought along, it’s never a clip from the movie. It’s always the same clip from the film Mac and Me. It’s been happening since Late Night, and has continued on to Conan.

That one time he was a rock star on Veronica Mars

It’s one of the last episodes made for the beloved TV show, and the lovable Piz has to babysit rock star Desmond Fellows, played by Rudd. It might have simply been an excuse for Rudd to live out his rockstar dreams, but it was great regardless.

When he kicked off Jimmy Fallon’s lip-sync battle with an epic performance

When he almost beat out Leslie Knope

Leslie running for city council was one of the best arcs Parks and Rec has ever done, but what’s a campaign trail without a little competition? Rudd played the heir to the Sweetums industry, Bobby Newport, who just wanted everyone to have a good time. Cross your fingers for one more appearance during Parks and Rec’s  7th season.

When worked as an awesome bar mitzvah DJ

Once upon a time, Rudd used work for a company called “You Should Be Dancing.” Oh, don’t worry, there’s video. Yes, he was the guy that got all the little 13 year olds doing the limbo.

That time he never, EVER aged

Let’s just call it what it is. Rudd hasn’t aged in the last twenty years. He was 26 when he played Josh in Clueless. He’s looked 26 ever since then. I think they should put his picture in the dictionary next to the definition of “boyish good looks.”

That time he donated his birthday to the American Cancer Society

In 2011 he raised money for the ACS by “donating” his birthday and any would-be gifts to the organization. It was pretty genius. 

All of his endless, wonderful cameos

Rudd is one of those guys who seems to be okay with filming as many cameos as possible, as if he’s trying to beat everyone else to them. No harm there. He’s even fine with what would appear to be complete throw-away roles that could go to anyone, but Rudd brings his endless supply of charm to them. Remember his completely-stoned surfer in Forgetting Sarah Marshall? Or simply anytime he’s been in a Judd Apatow movie? They are all great. I’d pay $14 to watch Rudd simply eat Sprinkles cupcakes for 2 hours.

And remember when he was on Sesame Street dressed as a globe? No? Here you go.

I love you, man.

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