Here’s Paul Rudd dancing in his Ant Man costume, because Monday

When the words “Paul Rudd” and “dancing” are coupled in the same sentence, you know it’s about to get really really real. You see, the affable actor’s been known to bust a move from time to time — from his appearances on The Tonight Show, The 40 Year Old Virgin, and other various movies and TV shows. Dude just likes to dance.

Not only that, but his dancing is kind of borderline legendary. Do you remember where you were when “Celery Man” aired on Adult Swim? His moves are meme-worthy! Immortal!

That’s why we’re happy to see that though he took the role of Ant Man incredibly seriously (and helping it earn $180 million to date! Whoa dude), he was quick to not forget his true self.

Buzzfeed recently posted this blooper reel from the upcoming DVD/Blu-ray that not only features a happy Rudd (is there any other kind?) getting down on the dance floor, but also not holding back when it came to joking around with his co-stars.

The best part? This isn’t even the entire blooper reel! It could be another 20 minutes of dance moves for all we know! The world is truly a beautiful place.

Honestly, does anything seem more enjoyable than hanging out with Paul Rudd? He’s like the human equivalent of a beach filled with corgis, or the opposite of standing in line at the DMV.
Here’s to a cheerier Monday!

(Images via Disney)