Paul McCartney sang with The Killers on New Year’s Eve, and so many of our music fantasies just came true

Did you know that The Killers seem to put out a new Christmas song annually? Well, now it looks like they also want to dominate New Year’s Eve. This year, The Killers sang with Paul McCartney at a private party, and from what we can tell, it was nothing short of fantastic.

The party was being held by Roman Abramovich, and while The Killers didn’t rock out to a holiday song, they did sing a legendary Beatles classic — “Helter Skelter.”

The song, originally released in 1968, has been covered by a bunch of artists in the past. But the difference between this cover, and, say, the cover U2 performed, is the fact that The Killers had an actual Beatle singing alongside them.

When you watch the video, you’ll be so bummed that you didn’t get an invite.

It looks like this performance might have happened right after midnight, technically making it New Year’s Day, as the band captioned the video with “So far, so good.” They also posted some 2017 well-wishes on their Facebook page.

The Killers, who you might know best based on their hit album Hot Fuss, have been known to put on an insanely impressive show. So, we can’t even imagine what the full performance with McCartney must have been like!

Abramovich’s party was also rumored to have included performances by Guns N’ Roses and The Rolling Stones. Since he’s a billionaire investor, we can definitely believe it.

If Roman Abramovich is reading this, hey — think of us when you put together your guest list next year!

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