Paul McCartney’s Mannequin Challenge was epic on so many levels

Everybody has been getting in on the Mannequin Challenge craze lately. From Hillary Clinton to Destiny’s Child, huge names are “freezing time” for super entertaining results.

But Sir Paul McCartney’s Mannequin Challenge might be the best one yet.

The superstar chose to freeze himself in a perfect pose, hovering over piano keys as if he’s mid-concert totally rocking out (as he, of course, does). Looking up, he seems like he’s simultaneously creating and performing.

While just his frozen pose alone would be enough to wow us, the music he chooses to play during the video literally blows our mind.

The song is “Black Beatles” by Rae Sremmurd, which McCartney references in his tweet. Besides the song obviously referencing McCartney’s iconic group, there’s an actual lyric that talks about McCartney himself.

The lyric says, "Me and Paul McCartney related."

Since McCartney includes this lyric at the beginning of his Mannequin Challenge video, we can only assume he approves.

Between the true rockstar pose and the perfectly modern lyrical reference, McCartney proves he is legitimately timeless.

Among the other lyrics in the song are, “crowd-pleaser,” and we definitely think that’s an appropriate description for a moment like this that is so delightfully pleasing.