Director Paul Feig awesomely stands up for his Ghostbusters ladies on Twitter

We’ve basically been celebrating since the day it was announced there was going to be an all-lady Ghostbusters reboot. While we think this idea is inspired, there have been misogynist trolls all over the interwebs who have been bashing this idea since the beginning.

While we do think there is something to be said for shaking off the haters a la Taylor Swift, sometimes you gotta take a stand. And that’s exactly what Ghostbusters reboot director Paul Feig did.

Quick sidebar here. We already LOVED Paul Feig. After all, this is the man who brought us Freaks and Geeks, Bridesmaids, The Heat, and Spy. What’s not to love? As cool as we thought this feminist dude director was, we now think he is doubly cool for having his Ghostbuster girls’ backs.

So here’s what happened. While on vacation (and after having had a little bit to drink), Feig took to Twitter to call out two trolls who have been harassing him and his stars (with a particularly nasty focus on Melissa McCarthy) ever since the reboot was announced.

As the Independent reports, Feig called one of the trolls “an ass” and the other “the biggest ass of them all.”

“You’ve been ranting at me and my cast for months with misogyny and insults. So go f*** yourself. Goodnight. #enough,”

So would these tweets have turned out a smidge different had the director been sober at the time he was typing? Or would they have even happened at all?  Maybe not (probably not). But you know what? We’re kind of glad it happened. It’s one thing to be knocked around by trolls, it’s quite another to see the people you love taken down by anonymous haters. We’re glad Feig stood up for himself and his actors. And we completely cosign that #enough, these bullies have GOT to figure out better things to do with their lives.


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