“Wonder Woman” director Patty Jenkins wants to make a superhero movie with Ryan Gosling, sort of

Patty Jenkins is riding high; the Wonder Woman director’s film is being released this week to rave reviews and what looks like major box office success (and we’d be lying if we said we weren’t super pumped for the movie). But she’s not content to rest on her laurels. Patty Jenkins is already thinking about her next movie — a superman flick starring one of our favorite actors, Ryan Gosling. Despite what you may be thinking, this movie doesn’t feature any superheroes (at least not the sort wearing capes).

Patty Jenkins next film could be a break from the superhero genre, sort of.

Although there’s been a 14-year gap between Patty Jenkins’ last film (the critically acclaimed Monster starring Charlize Theron) and Wonder Woman, that doesn’t mean the director stopped thinking up film ideas. And while several potential projects fizzled, there’s one in particular she’d still like to make happen. Buried deep in her Hollywood Reporter profile, was a mention of a Superman movie starring Ryan Gosling. But before you start imagining Gosling donning tights and a cape, let’s make one thing clear — this movie has nothing to do with the comics of the same name. The IMDB plot summary for I Am Superman is pretty vague, but it’s definitely not in the superhero film genre: A fighting pitbull finds itself on a strange and unexpected journey that will ultimately decide its fate.

We have to admit, we’re intrigued; we can’t imagine what direction this movie would take, or even what role Ryan Gosling would play in it. Would he be the titular Superman, or would that honor go to the pitbull in the story? Whether or not Patty Jenkins will get a chance to make this movie will probably be largely determined by how well Wonder Woman does at the box office — as if we needed another reason to grab tickets.