You have to watch Patton Oswalt rock out in this Weezer video

Since the second debate happened last night, there was no better time for Weezer to release the music video for their song “I Love the USA.” The video for the song, which appears on the deluxe version of The White Album, features comedian Patton Oswalt. And just like most things Patton Oswalt involves himself in, it’s pretty humorous.

Oswalt lip-syncs the lyrics sung by Rivers Cuomo, similar to the Elton John video for “I Want Love”, starring Robert Downey Jr. — a classic that premiered (wow) about fifteen years ago. Weezer’s video shows that this premise is still kinda-sorta amazing.

(Note: There’s an F-bomb or two, so you might not want to blast this at work.)

While a lot of Weezer’s lyrics haven’t been as…well, powerful as the songs on their sophomore album Pinkerton way back in the day, this one will definitely make you think a little bit. The vocals are a little slow and dramatic, but the message is pretty stunning. Pair that with the absurdity of the video, and it’s a song that’ll help jump-start your week for sure. You can catch Rivers at the very end, dressed as a Secret Service agent.

If you’re new to Patton Oswalt, you should definitely check out some of his stand-up specials. He’ll also be in the film Keeping Up with the Joneses (which is literally packed with incredible stars) which will be released on October 21st.

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