Patton Oswalt Responds To The Boston Marathon Explosions Better Than We Ever Could

Every day, horrendous acts of violence and hatred take place on this planet in every country, and it’s disheartening, to say the least. With so much destruction, it can be hard to keep faith your faith in humanity, in the heartfelt knowledge that there are still good people who want to put love and kindness into the world. But those people do exist, and in much greater number than you might think.

Comedian and all-around wonderful guy Patton Oswalt understands the fear and doubt that enters our minds when things like school shootings or marathon bombings take place, but he brings up a wonderful point in an open letter posted to his Facebook page in the wake of the Boston tragedy: if we stand together, the light will always cancel out the dark in the end.

We’re with you, Patton. And more importantly, we’re with each other. These acts of violence will not win. We will stand together and be better, stronger, and to bring light to the dark no matter how long it takes.