Patti LaBelle just made her biggest fan’s Thanksgiving dreams come true

When YouTuber James Wright published a high-energy review of his favorite singer Patti LaBelle’s sweet potato pie, he had no idea that the video would get viewed millions of times. He also didn’t know that he would inspire so many people to go out and buy the pie that Walmart would reportedly sell over $1 million worth of the Patti LaBelle dessert. Apparently, after the pies sold out at some locations, people were selling them on eBay for $60 a pop!

Warning: saucy language ahead.

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But what James Wright for sure didn’t expect was for Patti herself to call him up, thank him for his glowing review, and invite him over for Thanskgiving dinner. That’s right. The 71-year-old  “Lady Marmalade” singer had James over to her house after seeing his YouTube video — that’s even better than a lifetime supply of sweet potato pie.

The pair obviously hit it off: The Roots’ QuestLove shared this Instagram video of them blessing the food (and all of our ears) with this incredible duet. I have no idea what they’re saying, I only know that I have tears in my eyes.

James also posted a video of himself whisking his idol around the dance floor. They do not stop singing together for the entire clip, it’s absolutely amazing.

We all knew pie brings people together, but this is a whole new level.

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(Image via Shutterstock.)