True, Patrick Stewart isn’t in ‘X-Men: Apocalypse’ — but he still totally comes and hangs out on set

If you miss your friends and want to go visit them, you probably head to their apartment, or place of employment, or even the coffee shop you both really like. Now, if you’re Patrick Stewart and want to hang out with some old friends, you just head to the closest X-Men set to see how everyone’s doing.

Stewart, who has played Charles Xavier in now SIX different X-Men movies, will sadly not be reprising his role as all-powerful Professor X in X-Men: Apocalypse. I know, we’re pretty bummed, too. Apocalypse is a half prequel, half spinoff, so his role will be solely played by James McAvoy. Thankfully, this simple fact isn’t going to stop Stewart from stopping by the set from time to time, to see his X-Men buddies.

Apocalypse is currently shooting in Montreal, and that’s where we find Stewart on set. Director Bryan Singer snapped this Instagram picture of Stewart (along with director Jason Reitman) as the guys checking out some shooting scenes. It’s also pretty great, because Stewart is clearly talking/admiring something that he’s just seen, and you can just imagine him being like “[in Patrick Stewart voice] Yes, this looks marvelous, keep up the good work!”

This set visit promoted wild speculation that Stewart will pop up at some point in Apocalypse. I mean, PROBABLY. He (and Ian McKellen’s Magneto) weren’t supposed to show up in The Wolverine either, and remember that last tag of the movie, where they do show up and are like, “Logan, we need your help.” And you were like, “YEAH!!” It’s bound to happen. There will (probably) be more X-Men movies, since the team behind them shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

But for now, we’ll take Stewart hanging out on set and soaking in the X-Men feels. Then when he leaves the X-Men set, he can just go hang out with some other friends, since he and McKellen also just joined Taylor Swift’s Squad. The way things are going, it looks like we might want to join Stewart’s own Squad (because his has Wolverine!).

(Images via Instagram.)