Patrick Stewart meeting his new foster pit bull for the first time will fill you with the purest joy

Just when you thought Patrick Stewart couldn’t get any more awesome, he fostered a dog, and we’re in love. What’s even better is watching Sir Patrick Stewart meet his foster pit bull for the first time — it’s love at first sight.

On Wednesday, our favorite X-Men actor shared his first look at his new pup, and it really is the cutest video you’ll see all day. In addition to announcing that he and his wife Sunny Ozell were fostering a pit bull, he shared a video of her arrival.

“Thanks to @ASPCA and @WagsandWalks, @madameozell and I are finally fostering our 1st pitbull! Meet Ginger. I’m in LOVE. #AdoptDontShop #pitbullsofinstagram #pitbulls,” Stewart wrote on the adorable video.

As you watch the clip, you can see Stewart instantly melt as he sees his new family member, Ginger, walk up the driveway. When he opens the door he can’t help but swoon over the cutie.

“Hi love,” the actor says before she licks him. “Thank you for that, that was a very nice greeting.”

Seriously, could anything be cuter? We don’t think so!

Stewart’s wife also posted a video proving how much Ginger instantly felt like one of the family.

“Meet Ginger. We’ve loved pit bulls since meeting our neighbor pibble Sadie, and fostering is a great way for us to love this beautiful breed,” Ozell wrote. “Thank you @aspca and @wagsandwalks for connecting us with this gorgeous being. We’re already in love. #adoptdontshop #pitbullsofinstagram.”

We are SO in love with this couple and their new pup. She’s so stinking cute.

The Logan star later added another video of Ginger, this time she was trying to assist him in his swimming lesson. Spoiler: she just licked his head instead.

“The swimming lesson that wasn’t. Our foster pibble Ginger is perfect afternoon company. @ASPCA @WagsandWalks #AdoptDontShop #pitbullsofinstagram #pitbull,” he captioned the hilarious video.

The British actor didn’t just gush about his new pup on social media. In fact, when he stopped by Conan on Thursday, he had to talk about Ginger.

Stewart explained why he was fostering Ginger, and actively looking for a permanent home for her.

“I’ve longed for this day,” Stewart told the show’s host Conan O’Brien. He revealed it’s the first time he’s had a dog in 50 years!

Even though Stewart won’t have Ginger forever, we will continue to enjoy these precious puppy videos as long as it’s possible.