Patrick Dempsey reveals that he coaches his sons’ soccer team, makes us fall in love with him even more

Though we’re still heartbroken over the fact that Patrick Dempsey is no longer gracing our TV screens every Thursday night on Grey’s Anatomy, we’re thrilled that he’s making the interview rounds to promote Bridget Jones’s Baby. Because all the world really needs is more Dempsey all the time, amirite?!

And when Dempsey stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live! to discuss the movie?

Well, he mentioned that his 14-year-old daughter Talula went with him to the film’s premiere – even though the subject matter is slightly mature for a freshman in high school. His twin sons (Sullivan and Darby) were lucky enough to get a private screening, but pretty much checked out of the movie 10 minutes in. (They’re only nine years old, so we get it.)

However, Dempsey did say that his boys skipped soccer practice to join him for his appearance on Kimmel, and that he’s been trying to juggle his acting career with coaching duties for the boys’ soccer team. That’s when Kimmel asked Dempsey what kind of coach he is and he responded, effusively:

"Passionate! McScreamy. [laughs] I get very passionate, certainly."


They Grey’s Anatomy said he tries not to yell at the games, but occasionally argues with the referees, who are all under the age of 15. Dempsey stated,

“I feel that [with] my age and my presence, I can intimidate them to get the call in the direction that I’d like.”

He says it never actually works, but hey, we give him points for trying. LOL.

Dempsey added that he’s never been kicked out of a game, but it’s come close. He continued, “It’s funny how you get kinda pumped up [in an effort to] teach the fundamentals of the game [right away].” (Aww.)

All seriousness aside, Dempsey revealed that he does joke around with the kids on the field. “I try to keep it fun so that they enjoy it,” which Kimmel insisted is a no-no, after learning this the hard way by coaching his son’s Little League team.

Check out the dreamy clip below:

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