Patrick Dempsey Teased Whether or Not Derek Will Come Back (Again) on ‘Grey’s Anatomy’

We just miss having McDreamy around, okay?

Warning: There are a few spoilers for this season of Grey’s Anatomy in the post ahead!

Patrick Dempsey’s Grey’s Anatomy character, Derek Shepherd, famously died in a car accident during the show’s 11th season. (If that’s a spoiler, then you’re several years behind.) Derek left behind the love of his life, Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo), and their children, never getting to have the wedding he dreamed of.

Until this season.

While Meredith has been in a COVID-induced coma in Season 17, her subconscious has been on a beach spending time with characters from the past, including Derek. In the April 22nd episode, Meredith and Derek finally had the wedding they wanted (even if it was all a dream), leaving viewers absolutely ripped apart at the lives they could have had together. And now, Dempsey himself is talking about his emotional cameo and where Derek goes from here.

In an exclusive interview with Variety, Dempsey said, “I thought it was a beautiful way to close it. The intention was to really give people some hope because they are such an iconic couple. We’ve lost so many people this year, the thought that we’d have angels hovering around us taking care of us is a good message to send out in such a bleak world that we’re living in.”

He added, So for all of us, it was a beautiful ending to this story. I’m so grateful that I did it and happy that the fans really loved it.

Sorry, did he say ending? So no more Derek ever? “Never say never with this show, right?” Dempsey shared, adding that shooting this season was extremely emotional and involved a lot of tears. We can verify that fans’ tears were very present as well.

Meredith and Derek’s love story is easily one of the most popular and cherished love stories in television history, and we may never get over the fact that it ended too soon. We’re glad these two got the wedding they deserved, and we’ll just pretend like they also got a happily-ever-after. (We’ll also hope for another cameo from Dempsey, because we really missed him.)

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