Patrick Dempsey’s crushing tribute to Amanda Peterson, his ‘Can’t Buy Me Love’ co-star

We were heartbroken to read that Amanda Peterson had passed away last Friday. Although Peterson, who was 43, had largely kept out of the spotlight in recent years, she had a prolific career in film and TV in the ’80s. Her most notable role was that of Cindy Mancini, a popular high school girl who dates a nerd, played by Patrick Dempsey, as a social experiment. It was the original She’s All That and both Peterson and Dempsey played their roles to perfection.

Although the film came out way back in 1987, Dempsey was still moved by his co-star’s untimely death and took to Twitter to pay her a deeply moving tribute.

Dempsey wasn’t the only celebrity to grieve the loss of Peterson. Several others, including Sarah Michelle Gellar and Donald Faison, remembered the actress through pre-teen eyes as the kind of trendsetting idol who inspired both crushes and envy.

For Neil Patrick Harris, she was more than an ’80s movie idol, she was a dear friend during his early career days.

Although Peterson had long since moved on from the Hollywood scene, choosing instead to live in Colorado, she clearly made an impact on those she worked with and those who dreamed of working with her. Our hearts and thoughts are with her family.

RIP Amanda Peterson, teenage dream girl

(Image via Touchtone Pictures)