Pat McGrath’s next release might be something we totally didn’t expect

Dear Pat McGrath,

You’re driving me absolutely crazy.

Legendary makeup artist Pat McGrath has been dropping hints about her next release for some time now and initially we thought it’d be a shadow. Hey, we had cold hard evidence! Her runway makeup for Versace was all about a shimmery tear duct, so we were prepped and primed for some supercool, supermodel level pigment.


Pat’s latest IG posts are all about lips. Gilded, metallic, chrome, too good to be true LIPS.

Huh? Lips were the LAST thing we were expecting. LUST 004 was a collection of lip colors so naturally we assumed her follow up would be something different.

Pat, is this your way of making up to all your loyal fans who missed out on the glitter lip? Or had to pay unholy resale prices to score the lip kit on eBay?

Taking a look at Pat’s IG feed, the release may not be just lips after all. Could there be a chrome shadow on the way as well?

A mascara?

Possible flooring?

Wallpaper? It’s wallpaper, right?

No, no it’s… toothpaste?

Pat, puhleeze put us out of our misery and drop some official deets.