Set an alarm and alert your group chat: Pat McGrath is restocking her famous highlighter kit

When Pat McGrath Labs releases anything, it’s sure to sell out. Period. We’re still mourning the now sold out Lust 004 lip kits. Yeah, it doesn’t get any easier.

Pat McGrath Labs is still a semi-new brand on the scene and while we’re seeing a consistent flow of releases, the jury’s still out on restocks. So far Pat’s maiden release Gold 001 has seen a rerelease, but it’s still unclear if any other past releases (::cough:: Lust 004 in Vermillion ::cough, cough::) will see the light of day.

Set an alarm, act fast, alert the group chat, this is not a drill. Pat McGrath Labs is rereleasing Skin Fetish 003 this week.

You read that correctly. On March 3rd at 12 p.m. ET, everyone who missed out on the launch last April will be able to right a wrong. Available in Nude and Golden, the three part set will retail for $72 at Skin Fetish 003 includes dual ended stick, with a highlighter on one side and a beauty balm made of argan oil and aloe vera on the other. The star of the set is the pigment that Pat calls a “pressed gel.” Apply it with your fingers or the Buffer 003 brush.

We’re still holding our breath for another rerelease of Lust 004, but we’re thinking this will hold us over.

Here’s a closer look at Nude

How gorgeous is it with a purple shadow look?

Get into Golden

We seriously doubt there will be a third restock so if you’re feeling Skin Fetish 003 be sure to stock up this Friday.

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