Two strangers just took passive-aggressive public notes to a whole new level over a missing bike

We have to admit it. We’ve got a total soft spot for reading passive-aggressive notes. Whether they’re obnoxious notes from roommates, notes from office coworkers who just can’t take it anymore, or even just strangers leaving epic and equally passive-aggressive responses, they’re true comedy gold. So when we saw these funny signs on Twitter, we knew we had to share.

Here’s what we can glean from the passive-aggressive note situation at hand.

Note Writer A chained up their bike and went to run a long-errand, or maybe they lived nearby. They left their bike somewhere they thought would be secure, but when they came back, it was gone. Furious, they grabbed a black marker, a piece of white paper, and got to scribbling.

When Note Writer B saw the sign, they couldn’t help but become equally worked up by Note Writer A’s strong language and accusatory tone — especially when it turned out that Note Writer A was maybe not as innocent as they thought they were. So they grabbed a black marker and a piece of white paper, too. (Is there a stack nearby? Maybe a marker-and-paper stand run by some local neighborhood kids selling stationary supplies for a nickel apiece?)

And that’s how we got this absolutely amazing exchange, which Twitter user @AskCharlesA brilliantly dubbed “Offline Twitter.” false

And Charles’s point is only proven by the infighting going on in the responses to his tweet.

Look no further than this exchange to see what we mean.

Things that are even vaguely anonymous — like Twitter and unsigned notes — tend to let people feel like the claws can come out. Although it makes for some pretty hilarious interactions, we know that if we ever have to leave a note, we’ll try to be a little nicer about it… even when we’re feeling salty. Nobody wants to get hit with this kind of clapback.