This passive-aggressive art gallery is maybe the best roommate shade ever

If you thought your roommate was bad, think again. This guy created a passive-aggressive art gallery, and it’s totally epic.

Note to self, don’t mess with your roommate because they might create a gallery of your hilarious mistakes. Yes, if you leave your stuff out, or don’t clean up, you could have a passive-aggressive art gallery made to shame you!

Thanks to stand-up comedian and host of It’s On With Justin Cousson, Justin Cousson, roommate revenge is alive and well.

This week, Cousson shared some hilarious photos of normal household items, like shoes, or dirty knives. Normally this would NOT be photo-worthy. But he posed them like art pieces. It’s SO funny.

One photo of this “high art” shows off a knife with cheese remnants around it. Even the way he describes the pictures has us cracking up. Not to mention, it’s reminding us of our own bad roommate experiences.

The insane prices for the artwork only add to the humor of the whole thing. $3,400 for a picture of a sour cream covered spoon? Hilarious.

Our personal favorite is the scary knife left out on the counter.

"Knife left out on counter in striking distance of knife block, having been only been used to remove seal of ice cream carton, which was also left on counter," it said. "Leaving quite the sight as the last thing I saw before I gratefully left town for two weeks."

On Cousson’s website, he added whether or not each passive-aggressive art gallery item is sold or available. In a surprising turn of events, almost all of them have been sold.

He even has a few more gallery shots posted on his site.

Each one is both witty and funny.

If you want a piece that is still available, look to the milk shot. “Forgotten Milk, Left to Actively Go Rancid in Fridge Far Beyond Sell-By Date.” It’s $700, but it will make you laugh.

Sadly, both his “Shoes on Shoe Rack (Nearly),” and “Boxes Left on Couch,” photos have been sold.

We’re pretty positive these funny pictures aren’t actually for sale, but art is art. So, who are we to judge?