“Passengers” shows how we’re all going to dress in the year 2316 — and it’s not what we expected

You may have thought that we’d all be wearing tin suits or greenhouse gas-resistant onesies 300 years from now, but think again. If the new film Passengers is any indication, how we’ll be dressing in 2316 looks nearly identical to how we dress today.

Surprised? We were, too. But the film’s costume designer, Jany Temime, who has also worked on James Bond, Harry Potter, Gravity, and other high-profile films, was extremely deliberate with her style choices. In an interview with Refinery29, she explained:

“I think by the 24th century, fashion will have seen it all. We will go back to basics and minimalism, a sort of anti-fashion. I also believe that the social classes will be more divided: The workmen will dress like workmen, and the upper class will be dressed in natural, luxurious fabrics.”