11 things that seem WAY better than a party when you have social anxiety

Parties are supposed to be a room full of people having fun together. When you have social anxiety, though, the mere thought of a party is most certainly not fun. Actually, the idea of going to a party pretty much makes you sweat even thinking about it. When your friends beg you to tag along, you can’t help but mentally run through a list of things you’d much, much rather do with your evening. Why be in a room filled with sweaty people when you have a cozy bed and dozens of books to read?!

Here are all the things that sound WAY better than a party to people with social anxiety.

1. Reading a lovely book.


Books are wonderful and also don’t scare the wits out of you. (Unless they’re horror books, but no Stephen King novel is scarier than the prospect of a party right now, TBH.)

2. A nice, long nap.


Because the mere thought of socializing with strangers is already mentally and physically exhausting.

3. Watching Netflix forever.


How can you be expected to go to a party when there are seven whole seasons of Scandal to binge-watch? To someone with social anxiety, Netflix will always sound WAY better than forced small talk.

4. Cuddling with your pet.

Animals > people. This is a universal law.

5. Convincing that one friend who’s dragging you to said party to just stay home with you. Drinking and Netflix party for two!


“Think about it: Did you reeeally want to go to that party, or did you want some quality time with meeeeee?”

6. Taking a luxurious, colorful bath that makes you smell like a queen. 

Because you’re *pretty* sure this party would just make you anxiously sweat, on top of the smell of stale beer and regret.

7. Just staying in bed because your bed is the best place ever, let’s be real.


Your bed always looks amazing, but somehow looks even more inviting when the possibility of a party is looming. I mean, how do you even leave it, really?

8. Going to a coffee shop to unwind.


At a coffee shop, everyone is together, sipping on coffee, typing on their computers, reading, and otherwise keeping to themselves while pleasantly enjoying each other’s company. Does that count as a party? Because it sounds AMAZING.

9. A hangout with just a couple people.


Preferably a low-key gathering with people with whom you are super close.

10. Or just total, complete alone time.

You can hole up and just unwind, maybe with a nice glass of wine, without worrying about the way that person may have taken that remark you made that you seriously hope sounded casual and cool.

11. Literally anything other than a party.


Sure, parties can be fun, but if you’re not exactly a party person, that’s fine, too. You can go to those big gatherings when you’re feeling up for them, but if you’re feeling too anxious, stay home — and if you’re feeling daring, go for it. You do you.

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