Signs your partner is also your BFF

Making friends as an adult can be hard. Actually, it can be super annoying, time-consuming and hard. Because when you’re a kid, friends are basically handed to you. Whether it’s through school, sports, your parents’ friends, or other various kid activities. When you turn into an adult, you have to make friends on your own — sans parental or teacher guidance. For some people, finding a romantic partner is way easier than finding a BFF, which is why often times, your partner turns into your BFF. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with having a partner who’s also your BFF — because hey, two birds, one relationship stone.

If you’re in a romantic relationship and you feel like your person might actually be your BFF, you’re probably not off base. Here are some sure tell signs you’re right:

You have all the same interests

If you and your partner spend tons of time together doing things you both love doing, that probably means you’re spending less time with friends. That doesn’t mean you’re friendless, it just means your closest friend is probably also your partner

You don’t want to ever not be around each other

Because hanging out is way more fun than not hanging out.

You guys argue then make up four seconds later

If you find yourself arguing with your sig other but then making up right away, chances are your relationship is based on a solid foundation of friendship (love too, but also friendship).

When you fight with your partner, the person you want to vent about it to is…your partner

Because when your sig other is being awful and annoying, all you want to do is vent to your best friend. But your best friend is your sig other, and your sig other definitely takes sides in this situation.

But when you DO fight, it’s usually not about anything serious

Like, leaving the kitchen light on or not understanding how to physically put a new roll of toilet paper on the toilet paper holder thing.

A night in with each other is way more appealing than going out with friends

You guys aren’t boring, you’re in love and also super in like. And liking each other is really, really important for a healthy, happy relationship.

You have all the same friends

Your lives are completely blended, because that’s what happens when you’re in a serious relationship/best friendship.

Your nights out are always adventurous 

If you and your person are always finding new and exciting adventures to go on, it probably means you guys can literally do anything together and have a blast. AKA you guys are for sure besties.

Every night feels like a slumber party

Whether you live together or not, when you go to sleep together, you stay up talking way longer than your tired body wants to. And that’s okay, because it’s so fun and worth every lost minute of sleep.

You say the same things at the same time

Because your brains have basically molded together.

You’re not afraid to just be yourself

Being dorky, wearing sweats and allowing your bodily functions to happen freely are sure signs that your partner is definitely at best friend level.

Awkward silence isn’t a thing that exists in your world

Silence isn’t awkward with you two, it’s just unobtrusive, beautiful silence.

You have endless inside jokes

If you have more inside jokes with your lover than you do with your friends, your lover is for sure your closest friend.

You wear each other’s clothes

Because if they’re cute, why not?

You like your person more than anyone in the whole world

Yep, lovers and besties.

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