All the signs you should ask your partner to spend the holidays with you

Well guys, Thanksgiving is officially over, and you know what that means! When people start putting up the lights outside and stores hang mistletoe in their doorways, it’s hard not to think about the holidays — and exactly how you want to spend them this year. After all, it’s such a special time, and you want to make sure to do it right.

But when you throw a long-term partner into the mix, things can get a little tricky. You may want to spend the holidays with your lovah this year, but it can seem like a scary thing to ask if it’s a new step for the two of you. How do you know if it’s the right time to spend the holidays together? Here are a few hints that you might be ready to take the merry plunge this holiday.

You can see a future with your partner

Let’s get this one out of the way: Obviously, you don’t just invite any old fling to spend the holidays with you. You can see yourselves shooting for the metaphorical relationship stars, if you will, and everything has been going crazy well.

It seems like a logical next step for the two of you.

If you’ve only been dating a week, it’s probably not the best idea to spring this one on your partner. But if things have been going steady for a while and have only been getting better, this could be the perfect way to take things to the next level.

You already know their favorite dishes!

You know your partner so well that you already know exactly what they’d get second helpings of during dinner — and the thought of them chowing down on your grandma’s famous mashed potato recipe makes you all warm and fuzzy inside.

Your partner knows your family (and is prepared and debriefed for any drama). . . 

If your holiday plans and traditions involve your family, we all know that can get a little dicey. But if your partner is already well aware of all the potential drama that may come with your family (because every family has their own brand of drama!), this might be the ideal time to have a sidekick when you walk into a minefield of fam dynamics.

. . . but even if they haven’t, your partner isn’t the type to get argumentative.

You don’t want your Hanukkah to end in your partner and your Aunt Betty getting in a screaming match. If you know your love would keep a totally cool head and stay above any potential drama, you can rest assured knowing that no loud political debates will happen. . . at least, not involving your special guest.

You’re prepared for your partner to learn some very embarrassing stories about you. . . 

Remember when you were seven years old, and you pooped yourself in the middle of the family reunion? Yeah, your family will probably regale your love with THAT story, so get prepared—as prepared as you can, anyway.

. . . and to see some pretty ridiculous baby pictures of you.

Your mom is gonna pull out the photo album and leaf through picture after picture, but even though it will be kinda humiliating, you’re pretty confident your partner will totally love all of it.

Your partner has been hinting at it!

Here’s a pretty blatant sign that a lot of us may miss: If they have been saying things like “You would love my family’s Christmas dinner” or”It would be so nice if I could spend Christmas with you,” it’s probably a good sign you should go for it. That is, as long as. . .

. . .You feel totally comfortable with taking that next step.

It’s a big deal, spending the holidays with your partner. It’s totally understandable if the thought freaks you out a little bit, and it’s OK to wait until next year if you’re not totally sure. But if you feel truly comfortable with the idea, why not bring it up with your partner?

It wouldn’t feel like the holidays without them.

It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas, but only when your partner is around. When your days just seem a little less bright without your special someone, it could be a sign that you should be spending the holidays with them. After all, now is the time to surround yourself with those you love, isn’t it? <3

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