This is the part of your body you’re probably not cleaning enough

You shower regularly, you know the “right way” to wash your hair (although, is there really?), and you clean your face with a soap so specifically formulated to suit your skin, it’s like it came out of your mother’s womb with you. But did you know there’s a part of your body you’re probably not cleaning enough?

We’re talking about your belly button, friends, and things need to change.

As Teen Vogue first reported, the belly button — medically known as the “umbilicus” — has been tragically ignored for too long, resulting in stinky navel situations nationwide. So what’s a human being in possession of a belly button to do?

Expert opinions vary on how exactly to clean your belly button, but the dermatologists we spoke to all said that gentle — emphasis on gentle — daily cleaning is important.

Jessica J. Krant, clinical assistant professor of dermatology at SUNY Downstate Medical Center, says, “Gently with soapy water and hands only” is the way to keep your innie, outie, or in-betweenie clean.

“Your belly button should be cleaned daily in the shower just like your other skin. That is sufficient for most people,” says Shari Lipner, assistant professor of dermatology at Weill Cornell Medicine. “Depending on the shape of your belly button, you may need to gently clean with a cotton swab soaked in gentle soap or rubbing alcohol.”