This parody of “The Walking Dead’s” cliffhanger will have us LOL’ing till the season premiere

Fans of AMC’s The Walking Dead will tell you that the show’s most recent season was brutal. Not only did Glenn almost die twice, there was also a super close call with Daryl, and, most importantly, the season ended on the most vicious cliffhanger ever.

At the end of the season, our favorite crew of zombie apocalypse survivors had been captured by a different gang of survivors – ones who generally seem, well, harsh and murder-y (which in this world, says a lot).

The head of the gang, Negan – a charismatic sociopath who totes a baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire – told Rick and company that he was going to kill one of them. What followed were close-ups of each actor as Negan, played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan, paced back and forth, toying with them. The season ended with a P.O.V. shot of Negan’s victim being selected, then being hit with the bat – which Negan calls Lucille – before they collapse.


It’s gruesome, and shocking – but what’s worse is that we still have no idea who the victim is.

Even fans of the comics aren’t sure, because a lot indicates that the victim of this instance of Negan’s brutality there will not be the victim in the show.

So, in the spirit of fun, MadTv decided to make fun of AMC’s drawn out cliffhanger by imagining a series of instances that continue to delay the reveal of the victim. In it, as in the show, Negan paces back and forth before choosing his victim. He also kills a spider, beats a piñata, and even drinks a cappuccino (apparently the zombie apocalypse is treating some people veryyyy well) – all without selecting someone from Rick’s group.

In fact, it goes so long that they begin to actually beg for Negan to kill someone. Hilariously, though, he still doesn’t select anybody – instead, he lays down for a 90-minute shiatsu massage. We legitimately can’t stop laughing about that last one.

We’re still upset that we’ve been waiting MONTHS to know who Negan picks on The Walking Dead, but this sketch definitely helps ease some of that tension.