Parody Neil deGrasse Tyson Twitter account had the PERFECT response to a sexist science joke

Our favorite astrophysicist, Neil deGrasse Tyson, is such a bad-ass that even a parody Twitter account in his name drops mics left and right. Last week, Twitter user, @DrNeilTyson, (not to be confused with the real scientist’s account, @neiltyson)  shut down a popular science account after they tweeted a sexist, played out joke. false

Ugh, right? Well, grab your popcorn to read the epic response.

Definitely sounds like something Tyson would say, right? When I first saw it, I thought it was the real scientist but I wasn’t the only one.

Seemingly, the popular science account learned their lesson and decided to follow fake Tyson. Hopefully, he will learn how to be a better human.

He may not be the real astrophysicist, but he definitely has jokes like him.

And educates like him. Later on in the week, the fake account tweeted articles about the women he referred to who sent us to the moon. (There’s actually a movie coming out soon!)

Unfortunately, the real Tyson hasn’t responded to his social media doppelganger, but rest assured, he is still fighting the good fight and schooling us all.

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