This fan’s parody ‘Jurassic World’ trailer is way better than the original. Sorry not sorry

If you’re not yet bored with Jurassic World, good news, because we just found the best fan-made trailer parody, probably ever. Step aside, the Chris Pratt training some raptors meme, because this shot-for-shot fan remake trailer is hilarious in every sense of the word.

Sure, you’ve seen trailer remakes before, whether they’re done with Legos or cats, but YouTube user Hozzah2 has taken things a step further. She’s gone and recreated the trailer with all the action, all the suspense, and all the dinosaurs —but in her own unique way. Helicopter scenes? She’s got them. The scene with Gray and Zach in the Gyrosphere? Yup, that too. Raptors? Also in the trailer. If you’re like, “how can one YouTube user pull off all these things?” well, you’ve just got to see the video to believe it.

Not only has she recreated the trailer, she’s then placed it right alongside the original Jurassic World trailer. This gives us the chance to see with our own eyes that her trailer is the better version. By far. Like, if you don’t give this girl an Oscar for her performance, at least give the video a Golden Trailer Award (actually a real award).

Anyway, enough talk. Time to fall in love with the best Jurassic World trailer we’re ever going to see. How much money do you think we need to raise on Kickstarter to get the whole movie re-made this same way?

(Image via YouTube)

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