“Parks and Recreation” is auctioning off props, because you can never have too many Entertainment 720 pillowcases

Not sure what to buy a loved one for the holidays this year? Why not go with an authentic piece of Pawnee, Indiana? And if you’ve already finished holiday shopping, why not treat yo’ self? From November 27th to December 1st, fans will be able to bid on genuine props from NBC’s Parks and Recreation. Universal is teaming up with a company called Screenbid to auction off actual props from Parks and Recreation, and the prices are “straight up deloicious.”

Seriously, there are soooo many good items to bid on.

A casual fan might want an authentic Department of Parks & Recreation hoodie or an Entertainment 720 clipboard set, complete with the company’s terrible logo.

There’s plenty to enjoy for a more inside fan, too. A “Spawnee” bathrobe? Check. A pale pink T-shirt from The Bulge, Pawnee’s only gay bar? Yup. Mugs from the two different Pawnee radio stations Leslie and her team visit? Absolutely. It’s all there, and it’s so good.

Just one page of the items up for bid will have you looking at your computer the way Tom looks at the camera after Lucy says yes to a date.

The Parks and Recreation auction is like the Rent-A-Swag you always wished you could visit.

There are literally clothes from Tom Haverford, Ron Swanson, Ben Wyatt, Donna Meagle, and more available in this auction. Ron’s brown jacket? Treat yo’ self. Tom’s tearaway, flame-printed sweatsuit? Treat yo’ self. Donna’s bathrobe? Treat. Yo’. Self. Whether you’ve got a budget the size of Donna’s Benz or you’re looking for change Burley might have left behind in the couch cushions just to grab a Harvest Festival volunteer pass, it’s all there!

The full list of Parks and Recreation goods available to bid on can be found here. The auction opens THIS MONDAY, and a portion of the proceeds will go to the L.A. Conservation Corps, an organization that’s dedicated to helping at-risk youth. How very Knope of them!

And happy spending!