“Parks and Recreation” actually predicted that the Cubs would win TWO years ago

Parks and Recreation might be gone, but it is not forgotten. Leslie Knope lives on in all of us every day, and thanks to some recent events, we should actually be looking to the beloved NBC sitcom for not only hope and inspiration in our lives, but also predictions about the future. Yeah. Turns out Parks and Rec predicted the Cubs would win two years ago during their final season.

You know somewhere Tom Haverford is SO MAD he didn’t put money on this. And you know somewhere that Donna is currently rolling in the dough because she totally did.

Last week, Natalie Morales (who played Tom’s girlfriend, Lucy, on and off for roughly seven seasons) tweeted out something we had completely forgotten about. If you remember, the last season of Parks and Rec jumped two years into the future, so 2017. Episode 2 of Season 7, “Ron and Jammy,” had Tom and Andy traveling to Chicago to see Lucy, in 2017, and as they’re walking through town, Lucy comments:

“Obviously everyone’s in a really great mood now because of the Cubs winning the world series.”

OMG. On Thursday night, Parks and Rec showrunner, Mike Schur, tweeted out this same thing because GUESS WHAT, IT CAME TRUE.

You guys. Parks and Rec is psychic. Parks and Rec can see into the future. Parks and Rec knows what’s happening.

So you know what else we can go ahead and get excited about? President Leslie Knope in 2048.