The “Parks and Rec” cast reunited at the March for Our Lives, because Pawnee is here to end gun violence

If there’s anyone who can help fix the ongoing gun violence in our country, it’s Ben Wyatt, Bobby Newport, and April Ludgate (who will *claim* she’s not helping, and will outright refuse to help, but in the end will actually do a ton of work while also trying to not receive any recognition for it). The huuuuge March for Our Lives happened today in Washington D.C., and there, many of our favorite Pawnee faces reunited together in hopes of stopping gun violence once and for all.

Parks and Rec cast members Aubrey Plaza, Paul Rudd, Natalie Morales, Adam Scott, and Billy Eichner all met up at the march on D.C. — and first question, was this planned? Was this a sheer coincidence? Do they have a text chain going on, and agreed to meet in front of the Capitol? Does this signify that if anyone’s going to save our country, it’s that alternate-timeline where Leslie Knope becomes president in 2048?

However this came about, we’re so excited to see that these beautiful Pawnee faces are here to help make a change in the world, one march at a time. Morales hashtag’ed her photo, “Parks for Parkland,” and that’s something we want on a t-shirt, maybe with Knope’s face.

This is, oddly enough, not the first time Parks and Rec has been brought up when it comes to ending gun violence. Shortly after the Parkland, Florida shooting that left 17 students and faculty members dead at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, the NRA tweeted out a gif with Leslie Knope. And oh hell no, you don’t use a Leslie Knope .gif for EVIL. The Parks and Rec cast — sans Poehler, who doesn’t actually have a Twitter — were quick to call out the organization, and also drag them. An artist even created an anti-NRA badge featuring our beautiful land mermaid.

This should be obvious, but don’t mess with Pawnee. Any town that’s been overrun by raccoons *multiple times* knows how to fight for what they believe in.

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