A ‘Parks and Rec’ gag reel to give you the heart feels

Happy Saturday! What do you have planned today? Great. Cancel that. We’re all watching this 30-minute blooper reel from Parks and Recreation. Seriously, it’s just the best, and it will make you feel all of the feels (yes, all of them).

Leslie Knope lovers around the world have been putting on a brave face since the series finale aired in February, but if we’re honest, things just haven’t been the same since our favorites from Pawnee left our TV screens for good (you know, minus reruns and DVD and Netflix and the reunion shows we daydream about daily). We were insanely sad to say goodbye to the Parks Department gang — even to Jerry! This blooper reel is just the band-aid we need to help us cope with the previously unheard of levels of missing we feel for our Parks and Rec friends.

You don’t have to be a super fan, (though, honestly, who’s not?) to appreciate how hilarious and lovable this cast is to watch, and how strong their bond obviously is.

Oh, and after you’ve brought yourself to tears from laughing so hard, keep the tissues ready for the last five minutes of the reel, when we see each cast member get their “series wrap.” And, maybe have a bucket handy to catch your tears when Amy Poehler gives a goodbye speech at 26:30.

I personally gave this video about 50k views just on my own, but no judgement, give what you can. You can watch the whole thing here.

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