Park In The Back Of The Lot; Seriously, It’s Not That Far

Our fourth and final health tip for American Heart Month for the American Heart Association is here! How’s your month been? Have you challenged yourself? Have you been working to make some positive changes? I’m trying. I thought it would be hard, but it’s really not so bad! We’ve already suggested little things you can do that make a difference, like dancingtaking half of your restaurant meal home with you, and walking instead of driving.

But there are times when you have to drive. This is of course assuming you have a car or motorcycle or something that has wheels and can go in a parking lot. Maybe it’s even a Barbie Jeep; I’m not gonna judge! I live in LA, a city that relies on cars, and often this means fighting over the closest parking space or saying, “screw it, I’m gonna valet.”

So when I last got groceries, I decided to park as far back in the lot as possible. I got my cart, walked across the vast Vons parking lot, shopped, walked all the way back, and I even put the cart away, which was also far from my car. AND I SURVIVED! And as embarrassing as this is, who among us doesn’t feel like a total champion when we’re the only one in the parking lot who properly put their cart away? OUR MEDALS ARE COMING SOON, I JUST KNOW IT. THEY’RE PROBABLY JUST LOST IN THE MAIL.

Again, it’s all about the small things. They add up. And then they’re not so small. Try it!

Note: if it’s late at night and/or you’re in an unfamiliar area, it might be best to park super close or valet. Safety first!

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