Paris Jackson’s Tinker Bell look at the “Vanity Fair” Oscar party was actually a tribute to her father

After the Oscars are the after-parties, and if you’re going to an Oscars after-party, it’s probably the Vanity Fair fête. Paris Jackson skipped the awards show and headed straight to the VF shindig looking like a green goddess. Actually, not a green goddess at all, as Jackson responded to a fan on Instagram and said, “I was going for tinkerbell.” Jackson absolutely looked like the Peter Pan character in her green Versace gown, but the look goes much deeper than just her love of the Disney film. Her father, Michael Jackson, had an obvious infatuation with Peter Pan. He named his ranch Neverland, considered himself Peter Pan, and nicknamed his only daughter Tinker Bell (via Rolling Stone). Jackson even has the phrase “faith, trust, and pixie dust,” tattooed on her body.

Jackson captioned one of her Instagram photos from the Oscar party with lyrics from “You Can Fly!“:

Take the path that moonbeams make
If the moon is still awake
You’ll see him wink his eye.

Other commenters thought she looked like Poison Ivy or a Dragon Ball Z character (?), and Jackson herself threw up the green dragon emoji on one of her images, so clearly, the inspiration behind her Oscar look came from several places.




The Tinker Bell vibes were evident in her glam, as well. From her high ponytail to her piercing blue eyes, she was a dead ringer for the Disney character.


Jackson family fans on Twitter immediately understood Paris’s sartorial send-up. false

Now this is how you look like a million bucks while giving a subtle hat tip to your family legacy.

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