Paris Jackson prank called Taylor Lautner, recorded the whole thing

You might think that cell phones killed the art of the prank call. But after watching Paris Jackson prank call Twilight actor Taylor Lautner, your mind might very well change. Jackson appeared on the Hamish & Andy talk show in Australia and got a chance to speak to Lautner — first as herself, and then as her alter ego. This was all to prove that the model could pull off an Australian accent.

On the show, Jackson stated that she thought Lautner would probably pick up the phone if she called. We didn’t even know these two were friends, so now we’ve got questions of our own. They’re at least close enough for Jackson’s intuition to be correct — Lautner knew she was in Australia and seemed pretty happy to hear from her.

Jackson started off by telling Lautner that “Rachel” really wanted to speak with him. “I’m really sorry to do this to you, man, but her name is Rachel, and she really wants to talk to you,” she said, before changing her voice.

As it turns out, Rachel is a pretty big fan of Lautner’s character Jacob, known best for morphing into a werewolf. And that’s how she started the conversation — by telling him she’s had plenty of dreams about him, and asking him whether or not he can turn into a werewolf during his everyday life.

Sadly (and yet with a bit of a laugh) he said no.

"I dream about your paws on me, and I just dream that one day you'll come to the land down under," Rachel stated.

Even when things get a little weird, Lautner is nothing but a gentleman about it — and he didn’t even know his call was live. Still, he admitted to Jackson that the moment was pretty awkward — which it definitely was.

"Seriously, I owe you one," Jackson apologetically stated. "I'll buy you sushi...I owe you big time."

No matter what, it’s great to know that Lautner is a good sport.

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