Paris Jackson posts 10-minute Instagram speech on how her father’s older fans bully her online

Paris Jackson is no stranger to the spotlight. As the daughter of Michael Jackson, she was the subject of paparazzi rumors before she was even born. But 19-year-old Paris has taken to Instagram to speak up about the bullying that comes with fame and call out the haters that make a habit of harassing her.

In a recent Instagram story, Paris Jackson got real about the amount of abuse she deals with on a daily basis.

In the ten-minute post, Jackson explained her passion for activism and how she tries to do the right thing — and how hard this can be in the face of near-constant online bullying.

“I guess this is kind of mainly for the people that don’t agree with who I am and don’t agree with what I do and don’t agree with my morals, and just spend their time trying to hurt me,” she explained in the video. Paris Jackson went on to explain which particular demographic she thinks has the biggest problem with her.

"Most of my following is usually my father's following, and they're a lot older. They watched me grow I understand the older people that are watching me and seeing what I'm doing don't necessarily agree with all of this because they have very conservative views."

The model went on to acknowledge the enormous privilege she was born into, and made an excellent point about the fact that she’s still very young — remember, Paris Jackson is still a teenager.

“I am a teenager,” she stated. “I get it, y’all don’t like the tattoos. Y’all don’t like the profanity. Y’all don’t like my free spirit, my outspokenness. I am doing the best I can, I’m working as hard as I possibly can to make a living for myself and create my own life. I’m fighting for human rights, I’m fighting for animal rights, I’m fighting for the environment.”

We applaud Paris Jackson for taking a stand against harassment and remaining true to her morals and values. It’s not always easy, but the payoff is well worth the effort.

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