Paris Jackson’s tattoo is one for anyone who wants to get weird

Okay, okay, so we know it’s Halloween season, which means all the spooks, creeps, ghouls, and gals get most of the attention. But we’d just like to say that aliens are also totally Halloween-appropriate, and if you’re celebrating your favorite extraterrestrials this season, more power to you. Plus, if you’re still looking for ways to get weird this Halloween, then let Paris Jackson and her alien tattoo inspire you.

Paris showed off her tattoo with a photo of herself hugging a tree, perfectly accentuating the ET tattooed on the side of her boob. Yes, on her boob; not under, not to the side of, but on the side. That’s some dedication we can appreciate.

While we can attribute this tattoo to Paris’s love of aliens, we also have another theory.

What if Paris *is* an alien, and this is just serving as a tag to her fellow ETs? Paris’s otherworldly attitude, penchant for the spiritual and cosmic, and bright blue eyes make her a perfect candidate for actually being an alien. Honestly, if she is…just beam us up, okay Paris?

We love the simplicity of Paris’s tattoo, especially when paired with the placement. We wouldn’t have thought to get our boob tattooed, mostly because we can imagine that being a wee bit uncomfortable. But seeing how good it looks on Paris is making us think it’s worth the pain. And since this tattoo will be hidden most of the time, it’s a cheeky and fun reminder that the truth is out there…even if we can’t always see it.

Update: This post originally stated that Paris’s tattoo is new, but Jackson has since pointed out that she has had this piece for 2 years.

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