Paris Jackson just shared a rare Christmas photo with her brother Blanket

We knew that she was close with her brother Prince, but after Paris Jackson shared a photo with Blanket on Instagram for the holidays, we know all three of Michael Jackson’s kids have a bunch of sibling love.

While known as Blanket, he was born as Prince Michael Jackson II — yet obviously, his older brother (who was born Michael Joseph Jackson, Jr) held the nickname. Blanket was only seven when his father passed away from cardiac arrest. Since his father’s death, he reportedly changed his name to “Bigi” after being bullied. While he’s under no obligation to stay in the spotlight like his siblings, it’s still nice to see that the three of them have remained close and he’s doing well.

Also in the photo is family friend Omer Bhatti, who Paris Jackson has referred to as a brother in the past. Bhatti, a rapper and dancer, once traveled with Michael Jackson and was rumored to be his biological son — yet, Bhatti himself insists that he was only close friends with the musician.

Even if they don’t have a blood bond, it’s obvious that Bhatti — who’s also known by his stage name O-Bee — is a big fan of the Jackson kids, as he as with Michael.

We know Michael would have been proud of them for including him in the family holiday greeting.

As for Blanket, his grandfather Joe Jackson posted a video last month where he gave his best to his grandson, stating that he sees a lot of Michael Jackson in him.

"You are like your father in so many ways, and you remind me most of him," he said. "Enjoy life, see lots of good movies, stay healthy and remember, I do love you!"

Between that message, and the fun sibling holiday photo, we’re hoping that Blanket — and the rest of the Jackson kids — had a great end to 2017.

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