Paris Jackson described the time Zac Efron unwittingly broke her heart

Remember the sting of your first crush not working out the way you hoped? Paris Jackson’s crush on Zac Efron had a similar ending. Of course, Jackson just admired Efron from afar, but she still managed to feel a little heartbroken after one particular incident. Hey, they don’t call it a “crush” for no reason.

Jackson admitted that she was actually a pretty big fan of High School Musical, just like a lot of us. Even though she was only around ten at the time, she fell for Efron…. just like a lot of us.

Really, the difference between our story and Jackson’s? Well, she was super close to meeting her favorite celebrity at an event. But it all fell apart.

The story was revealed during a segment called “Fallon Firsts” on The Tonight Show. Jimmy Fallon asked her the first time she was starstruck, and she said it was when she got to meet Alice Cooper. Then, he asked her about her first concert. It turns out, that was…well, an entirely different experience from Alice Cooper. We’re talking about night and day.

Aside from her father’s tour, Jackson went to see High School Musical Live, anticipating an Efron sighting, But unfortunately, Efron wasn’t there — he was busy filming a movie. (Of course, the movie in question is still puzzling. In Jackson’s eyes, horses were involved.)

Jackson described herself as a “heartbroken ten-year-old” when she found out that Efron was replaced for the show.

Fallon humorously referred to the actor switch-up as “a nightmare.”

Efron, who was famously adorable with gymnast Simone Biles after she admitted her feelings, has yet to address the crush — or specify which movie might have taken him away from the tour. But we’re sure he probably feels bad knowing that he disappointed Jackson so many years ago.

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