Paris Jackson’s creepy experience on Criss Angel’s TV show is seriously freaking us out

Everyone loves a bit of old-school magic from time to time, but occasionally things can get a little…well, creepy.

Paris Jackson knows all about that, because she recently had a rather unsettling experience with illusionist Criss Angel during a segment from his A&E show Criss Angel Trick’d Up.

Firstly, a teensy backstory. As the daughter of Michael Jackson, Paris grew up absolutely loving magic and illusions — and is familiar with Angel and his various acts. They know each other, so this wasn’t some random encounter.

Okay, so everything started off light and fun;  Angel told Paris to hold his hands and looking into his eyes, and well…

"Paris, look deep into my eyes — you're going to feel a surge of energy. What do you see?"

As you can see from the above video, Paris is visibly shaken when she responds with, "death." She later tries to figure out what the experience was all about, and Angel cryptically answers: "It's what you saw in me."


In the subsequent interview segment, Angel talks about how when people go through a traumatic experience they have certain emotions that never go away. Perhaps Paris was channeling those inner thoughts, or maybe Angel’s mysterious ways just have that affect on people. Either way, it was creepy AF!

The clip made the hair on the back of our neck stand up. In a good way though…kinda makes you feel alive. That’s what we’re telling ourselves, at least.

H/T: Us Weekly

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