Paris Jackson celebrated her birthday with Chris Brown, so was there really nobody else free?

We love a good celebrity birthday. There’s really nothing like seeing some of our favorite people gather together to celebrate. A celeb’s birthday is also always a good reminder of who is friends with who out there in the big world of fame. When someone like Ellen Degeneres has a birthday, the stars really come out in full force. DeGeneres’ 60th birthday party featured more celebrities than an actual awards show. She could have recreated her famous Oscar selfie at her own party. Some birthday parties are more low-key, though. But thanks to Instagram, it’s pretty easy to find out who is hanging out with who.

Paris Jackson, beloved daughter of the late Michael Jackson, recently celebrated a birthday. The model turned the big 2-0 on April 3rd, 2018. While celebrating her birthday, pictures emerged of a lot of famous people. Paris Hilton was at the shindig, as was Ashlee Simpson, Evan Ross, and Jackson’s her older brother Prince. We were not, however, excited to see every last person that made the guest list. It turns out that Jackson is friends with Chris Brown, for some reason? If you don’t believe us, check out the pictures of Jackson and Brown at her birthday party and exhale a big ol’ disappointed sigh. Apparently no one else was available? Was Brown a pity invite?

Paris Jackson deserves better friends.

Okay, sure, we don’t personally know any of these people, but this is still pretty disappointing. Jackson is such a positive beam of light in a grim and ugly world. She oozes peace and love and it just sucks to see her hanging out with someone who does not represent those things. Brown has time and time again proved that he doesn’t stand for anything that Jackson herself stands for. Granted, Brown was clearly heavily influenced by her father’s art. But that certainly doesn’t mean he represents it.

Still, we obviously hope Jackson had a fantastic birthday.

And we also cannot believe she is already 20 years old! It’s really nice to see her thriving, and we are stoked for her future growth in her modeling career.

But as far as her friends go, we hope she sticks to the Paris party and stays away from Chris Brown.

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