Paris Jackson wants you to know that you don’t have to be insecure about acne

At some point in our lives, we’ve probably all dealt with acne, which seems to love to appear right before a big event, like a date or our friend’s wedding. Now, Paris Jackson says not to be insecure about acne, according to Teen Vogue. Jackson tweeted about it and, tbh, it makes us feel ~so much~ better.

After all, instead of talking about it, some people just cover it up with makeup or hide out for a while, too embarrassed to see anybody. We can def relate! Even though we think our days of breaking out may be behind us, adult acne then appears, seemingly out of the blue! Let’s face it — no pun intended — acne affects our confidence. But, it certainly doesn’t have to, as Jackson reminds us.

Here’s Jackson’s ~super inspiring~ tweet to remind us that we’re not alone!


Okay, it has to be said: We love her! And don’t you love the pizza metaphor?!

ICYMI, Jackson’s all about body positivity. You may remember this Insta post, where Jackson talks about expressing herself through being naked, and the importance of it.

In part, Jackson’s post stated: “…nudity started as a movement for ‘going back to nature’, ‘expressing freedom’, ‘being healthier’ and was even called a philosophy. being naked is part of what makes us human…not only is your body a temple and should be worshipped as so, but also part of feminism is being able to express yourself in your own way, whether it’s being conservative and wearing lots of clothes or showing yourself…

Here’s the whole post in its glory.

As you can see, Jackson’s philosophy can apply to acne, too — self-acceptance. And other celebs have been open about acne, too, from Mindy Kaling to Katy Perry. ICYMI, Perry’s also been a spokesperson for Proactiv.

“Bad skin really made me want to hide, Perry said, reported New York Magazine’s The Cut. “I’d wear makeup to bed or stay in if I had a bad breakout.

Yup, it’s official: We feel ~so much better~ now, knowing we are not the only ones ~still~ breaking out. Now, if you’ll excuse us while we go reread Jackson’s tweet about 101 more times for even more #SelfAcceptanceInspo…

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