Paris Hilton’s new song “Summer Reign” might be the summer banger we never saw coming

It’s been a long time since we’ve thought of her as a pop musician, but Paris Hilton is still making music. And to prove that, she just released a sample of her upcoming single, “Summer Reign.”

The announcement was made at the same time she revealed a new perfume, so the heiress has been pretty busy these days. The timing of the song release is actually perfect — since we’re right in the middle of summer, it’s a pretty important release.

Prior to “Summer Reign,” Hilton fans probably know her best thanks to the hit “Stars Are Blind,” which was surprisingly catchy. But, as that tune was released more than a decade ago — way back in 2006 — it’s about time we update our playlists. false

Just as we figured, “Summer Reign” is a jam that’s probably going to get a lot of play at the club.

 Even if you’ve still been stuck on “Stars Are Blind,” Hilton has released new music since — in fact, it seems like she’s been dropping one song per year. But, as of now, she only has one studio albumParis, which was released by Warner Bros. Records.

Her last music video was for 2015’s “High Off My Love,” which featured Birdman.

So, it seems like Hilton definitely takes her role as a musician seriously. And since she’s been a DJ on many occasions, she probably has a good idea of what kind of music gets people on the dance floor.

While we’re digging “Summer Reign,” we can’t lie — we’re secretly hoping for another reality show featuring Hilton’s antics. The Simple Life, which aired for five seasons, ended back in 2007. Even a revival of her later show, Paris Hilton’s My New BFF, would be something we’d make sure to DVR.