Paris Hilton just shared throwback pics from her 2006 vacation with Kim Kardashian, and they’ve changed so much

We know it’s completely bonkers to think about, but way back in 2006, Kim Kardashian was best known for being Paris Hilton’s BFF. At the time, keeping up with Kim was pretty easy, because she was usually spotted having the time of her life with bestie Paris. Fast forward to 2017, and Paris just shared throwback photos of her 2006 vacation with Kim, giving us so very much mid-aughts nostalgia.

Before Kim and her family became the reality TV moguls they are today, Paris and Kim went on vacation in Ibiza, and we’re pretty jealous that we missed this epic girls trip of the ages. Paris shared the pics on Twitter, and you can check them out below.

Kim and Paris were joined by friend DJ Caroline D’Amore, and it looks like they had a complete blast. Paris shared photos of the trio at the club, on a boat, and enjoying ice cream (as you do).

Kim loved the throwback memories, tweeting that their epic #GirlsTrip2006 was the “best trip!!!”

We love that these two have remained pals (and also that Paris decided to grace us with this epic throwback. It’s not even Thursday!). The pair reunited on the Mediterranean island again in 2014, where they reminisced about the first time they went…aww!

And just to revel in their aught-tastic friendship a little while longer, here the ladies are on a past trip to Australia. WE ARE HAVING SO MUCH FOMO RIGHT NOW!

All this nostalgia is making us want to dig into our closets and grab our Juicy sweatsuits and Ugg boots. Hit us up on MySpace from your Sidekick, and let’s jet to Ibiza, people!