Paris Hilton is releasing a perfume that will make you smell like rosé

I feel like we can agree that Paris Hilton would have the idea for a rosé-smelling perfume. And somehow, she made it happen. That’s right. She released a perfume that will have you smelling like your favorite boozy drink.

The Rosé Rush Eau de Parfum comes in an hourglass-shaped bottle that looks like a pink gown. True to Paris’s style, and the drink, it is blush colored. Apparently, the perfume is refreshing — just like the actual drink.

So, what does rosé smell like, exactly?

Apparently, a bouquet or roses, peonies, and neroli. Additionally, the scent is reminiscent of a summer in the Hamptons. It’s refreshing, light, romantic, and hot.

According to, the perfume will “embrace old-Hollywood glamour while drawing inspiration from the exhilarating feelings of falling in love.”

"Rosé Rush is a scent to evoke confidence and ambition within all women – particularity in the areas of love and romance," Paris said.

Furthermore, perfumer Richard Herpin developed the scent.

He said, "I wanted to gather ingredients that would create an aura of femininity around anyone who wears the fragrance. To achieve this, I wove together a multitude of Florals and enhanced the Rose Petal notes with hints of juicy pink fruits like Lychee and Papaya to create a fragrance of pure joy and delicacy. "

Paris launched her perfume line in 2004. Her first fragrance, Paris Hilton for Women, was an international best-seller. Currently, she has 24 perfumes in her fragrance line.

If you want to try it yourself, Paris Hilton’s Rush Rosé Eau de Parfum is $60 and will available at beginning July 11th.

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