Paris Hilton just dropped cryptic details about her new show, and we’re intrigued

We knew it was coming, but we didn’t know too much about it. Until now. Paris Hilton gave some hints about her new show in an interview with InStyle, and now we’re more intrigued than ever. Especially since those hints? Well, they’re pretty cryptic.

Hilton has had quite an interesting few months. She recently dropped a new summer song called “Summer Reign,” and she has a brand new album coming out soon. The songs, as she described them, fit into the category of dance and electro-pop. Probably because one of her key activities these days is serving as a club DJ.

So, honestly, we don’t even know how she has time for a new show. But then again, she’s Paris Hilton. She probably knows how to make it work.

According to Hilton, she’s had a few offers for television shows throughout the last few years, but none of them seemed to click — until now.

"For so many years, I've had networks sending me different show ideas, but I've turned everything down because nothing really interested me," she said. "All of the ideas I was hearing were just basically the same things that were already on TV, and nothing was innovative or new. Plus, I was so busy."

Hilton noted that earlier, she didn’t have the time for cameras following her around, so we’re guessing it’s reality-based — much like her popular hit show The Simple Life, which she filmed with buddy Nicole Richie.

"I love being ahead of the curve and being a pioneer, and the show is innovative and very different from anything I've ever done," Hilton continued. "There's nothing like it out there. I'm looking forward to people getting to check it out."

And we’re looking forward to watching it. Especially since we’re still a little bummed that The Simple Life is no longer on air.

Speaking of, Hilton actually admitted that she’s watched the show a few times since it ended.

"My boyfriend and I watch it all the time and laugh," she said. "There are just so many funny memories, and Nicole is hilarious. I really love that show. There's nothing like it."

We definitely agree.

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