Paris Hilton Shared the Story Behind Her Engagement Ring and What It’s Named After

Because yes, her ring has a name.

The newly engaged Paris Hilton virtually stopped by On Air With Ryan Seacrest on March 1st to talk podcasts, engagement, and wow—that stunning diamond ring. Hilton got engaged to Carter Reum in February and disclosed to host Ryan Seacrest that the wedding is already in the planning stages and slated to happen later this year. But, truthfully, it was hard to focus on any topic of conversation when Hilton would move her hair out of her face using her left hand. How has she not knocked herself out with that hunk of diamond yet?

“It’s emerald cut and it’s called ‘The Paris’ and he designed it with Jean Dousset [the great-great-grandson of French jewelry designer Louis Cartier],” Hilton told Seacrest of the ring Reum proposed with, “and it’s actually inspired by the [Grand Palais] in Paris.”

Hilton didn’t say how many carats that center diamond is (just know it’s a lot), but she did say that it’s actually not the only diamond on the ring.

paris's ring

“It has diamonds on the side—it has like 15 diamonds going around,” Hilton continued. “Then inside it has a P with a sapphire,” she said, so you can see the P from the underside of the ring.

The surrounding diamonds could symbolize how many years she and Reum have known each other before they finally pulled the trigger and started dating. Seacrest asked how long the couple had been friendly before becoming a pair, and Hilton said she and Reum had been friends for 15 years.

Hilton called Reum her twin flame, my other half, my best friend and my soulmate, in a February 18th Instagram post, further announcing their engagement.

If the engagement ring is any hint at how opulent Hilton and Reum’s wedding will be, we better invest in some good sunglasses. Otherwise, we’ll be blinded by the sparkle.

You did good, Reum. You did really good.

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